Commenting to fill your child up with words!

Commenting is powerful! Make statements to fill your child's bucket....

Commenting about what's around us

What’s the best thing you can do, to help your child learn to speak? If you asked me, I’d be quick to share with you my favourite speech language therapy strategy… commenting!

I’m a massive advocate of commenting, and if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll have seen me repeatedly talking about ‘filling your child up with words!’. Commenting (making statements), fills up your child’s bucket by showing them the words and sentences they could be using across their days. Commenting makes you the commentator of the world around them. You can talk about what is happening, and what you can see- “I’m putting shoes on” “oh a big bus!”, “the bird is flying”, “cut the carrots”

On the flip side, questions aren’t as effective for filling up your child’s bucket. Questions might make a child feel like they are being ‘tested’, and often encourage single word, or yes/no, answers.

If we are asking lots of questions…

 “What are you doing?”

“Where are you going?

“Is that a square or a triangle?

…we aren’t modelling the language that we could be feeding in for that situation.

Instead try:

“Oh you’re building a tower!”

“I can see a red triangle”

“You put a square on top!”

These comments model words and concepts around your child’s world and play. 

What’s so great about commenting?…

  • Your child hears great speech and language.
  • They are learning about their world.
  • Your child won’t feel tested or interrogated. They will learn how conversations happen.
  • Your child is more likely to add to the conversation with their own comment. As a result, you should hear longer phrases, and more information sharing! Win, win!

So, try commenting today! At the end of your day, try talking about what’s happened, and what you’ve seen. You might find it encourages your child to share about their day, or to add to the conversation. If they don’t, you’re still filling up their ‘word bucket’!

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