Specialist Structured Literacy Services

Do you or your child have difficulty with reading, writing, or spelling? Concerned that your child is falling behind? Are they having negative feelings towards learning?

The earlier your child gets help the more success they will experience.

Lessons help with

Phonological Awareness

Recognition of letter-sound correspondences.


 The process of reading.


Grammar, spelling and handwriting.


Ease while reading texts.


Understanding of texts that have been read.

Kia Ora, I’m Stephanie!

Kia ora e te whānau, my name is Stephanie Richardson and I am excited to be helping you to reach your literacy goals. I follow a Multi Structured Language and Literacy (MSL) approach to teaching structured literacy that was founded on the work of Orton-Gilligham. Scientific research tells us that this is the gold standard for literacy teaching and learning. Instruction by this approach is crucial for dyslexic learners and those with processing troubles to access and crack the code of English. 

I provide lessons that 

  • Follow a neurological framework. Are direct, explicit, cumulative, intensive and are structured & systematic. Focussing on meaningfully taking speech to print.
  • Are cognitively and emotionally sound – students are experiencing success within every lesson.
  • Uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways simultaneously to enhance memory and learning of written language. 
  • Reflect the current best teaching practices.


Case history, observations, assessments, a discussion based on the findings during the session, and a detailed report.


If a full assessment is not required, this initial appointment will help the tutor to get an idea of your child’s literacy skills, so they can set appropriate tutoring goals.


60 Minute Tutoring Session $90
45 Minute Tutoring Session $70 
30 Minute Tutoring Session $50 
Group Sessions POA


Finding Literacy accepts referrals from parents, teachers, doctors and other specialists*

If you would like to make a referral or speak to a therapist, please reach out using the contact form or the details list below

*with parental consent