One-on-one sessions to support teenagers and young adults as they transition through life stages.


The therapists at Finding Voices can support teenagers and young adults to grow skills, consider big decisions, make and achieve goals and gain new perspectives. 

Sometimes working with someone who is a mentor, rather than a therapist/professional or ‘expert’, means that a more organic relationship is created, in which the teenager/young person feels supported, but equal. 

We are committed to your growth and development. Together with the mentor, the young person sets goals, and a plan to achieve these goals. We work together to find the right people to help achieve your goals e.g. maybe the Speech-Language Therapist can help with social skills, but the mathematics might have to be someone else!

Transitioning to different life stages can be difficult and having someone to support you can be beneficial. 

Some examples of the things are mentor can help with include:

  • Understanding Social Situations
  • Developing Social Skills
  • Exploring various groups/hobbies
  • Time management and organisation skills
  • Setting goals for skills the young person wants to develop
  • Essay writing and academic support

We can support anyone; however, the service has been used widely by individuals with ASD, ADHD and other social/emotional and behavioural disorders.  

Contact us today to find out more about our mentoring service, and what we can do to help!