In 2019 we noticed our near 4-year-old son Jack was not participating in conversations or shying away from interacting with other children at his preschool. At home his two older sisters would often translate for him or finish his sentences. Looking back on videos of his sisters at the same age it was clear to us that Jack needed some help to develop his speech. We sort Megans advice and after an initial appraisal, Jack started weekly speech therapy sessions. 

Throughout our time with Megan, we found her to be extremely knowledgeable, down to earth and genuinely passionate about what she does.

Jack loved coming to see Megan as every session was thoughtfully developed specifically for him.

Megan would hold Jacks attention by playing age-appropriate fun games and activities. At the same time this taught him valuable speech skills. 

Megan was always consistent with her communication with us and provided honest feedback on Jacks progress. We truly appreciate the role Megan played in helping Jack get the best possible start to his school years. 

Lisa Thomson


Megan worked with our son Nate for around two years, helping him navigate through his speech development journey. Nate was around 2 when we first connected with Megan as we realized his speech wasn’t quite where his peers were.

As you can imagine, and I am sure you’ve experienced a flood of emotions develop within you when you realize your baby isn’t quite meeting the milestone of talking. When I first spoke with Megan, she was so kind and reassuring that everything would be ok. And it was.

So, our two-year journey began, and during those two years, Nate came leaps and bounds with his talking. Each week, it was so beautiful to watch his progress with developing more words and learning to form sentences and then engaging in deeper, more meaningful conversations. A bonus point was his memory was developing well also during this time. All thanks to Megan and her approach to working with Nate.

I like how whilst she has frameworks to work to within her field, she tailored those frameworks to suit the individual needs of Nate. She was always so patient when he wasn’t in the ‘mood’ and formed a great and trusting relationship with him. He loved seeing, playing and developing with her each week.

I highly recommend Megan as your speech therapist. Megan has a very nurturing and kind approach to working with children, and she knows her stuff. She worked well with me, ensuring I understood Nates development plan, giving me homework each week to work with Nate on and her patience with me I’ll always appreciate. It was an emotional journey at times, but Megan was right there with us as a family, supporting, guiding and reassuring us.

I can’t thank her enough and I believe where Nate is now with his communication skills is a direct result of Megan and her working with him.

Nate now talks a million miles an hour, uses ‘big’ words, has deep conversations and well…. We can’t stop him talking, ha! Thank you, Megan, from the bottom of our hearts!

Chantelle Hilleard

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